BenRiach Malting Season 2nd edition

BenRiach Malting Season 2nd edition


This new edition is made from concerto barley, chosen by master blender Rachel Barrie for its cereal flavour. The spirit was matured in 30 first-fill Bourbon casks in Benriach’s dunnage warehouses, which were all distilled on 20 November 2013.

Stewart Buchanan, global brand ambassador at Benriach, said: “Passed from maltster to maltster throughout the generations, the highly skilled process of floor malting keeps a traditional part of the whisky making process alive, paying homage to Benriach’s creative whisky making heritage.

“Each new edition of Malting Season will use carefully selected types of barley and bottling strength, making each annual edition one of a kind in their own right.”

The resulting liquid has malt sweetness on the nose with barley sugar, mandarin, and white chocolate

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