Starward 2018 Octave 48°

Starward 2018 Octave 48°


Starward 2018 Octave 48°

Yalumba, one of Australia’s best-known family-run wineries, is central to the Starward story. The very first batch of Melbourners matured almost exclusively in Yalumba wine casks. Now, the latest bottling in the experimental Project Series, Starward Octave Barrels celebrates that special relationship – fusing the estate’s iconic “The Octavius” red wine with Starward’s handcrafted single malt.
“The Octavius” is cult. The Australian Shiraz from the Barossa Valley is the only red wine in the world that is aged in 100 liter octave barrels. After bottling the wine, Starward filled the freshly emptied casks with their fruity single malt whiskey. In the small barrels, the whiskey interacted strongly with the American oak, allowing it to mature intensely and absorb the acclaimed characteristics of The Octavius. How does that taste? After raisins, anise and caramel, which merge with luscious, dark fruits…


Tasting Notes:
Nose: Full-bodied with red fruits, raisins, ripe peaches, caramel, some anise and toasted oak.
Palate: Smooth and intense with dark forest fruits and toasted oak in the background.
Finish: Toasted marshmallows.




Single Malt



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